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Gain a Restorative Movement Certification From the Kansas Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association!

If you would like in-person group training for your staff or facility,

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Video conference training available upon request however in-person is strongly recommended. 

Raise your skill set, improve your care, and stand out on your nursing or PT program application.

Be one of the first CNAs in Kansas to gain the Restorative Movement Certification from APTA Kansas.

The Restorative Movement Training Program was originally developed by the KPTA as a way to help physical therapists and nursing home staff personnel work together to improve quality of resident care. It has now expanded into a way for CNAs to increase their knowledge around patient care, physical therapy and patient management!

Not only will this training and certification program help you raise your skill set and improve care in your current position, but it’s a way to stand out when applying to highly competitive nursing and PT programs.

Start by ordering your APTA Kansas Restorative Movement Training Manual today.

It is your study guide for the certification exam.

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Get Certified

Why get your Restorative Movement Certification?

  • Raise your skill set and add to your resume
  • Stand out on your nursing, OT, COTA, PT or PTA college program application.
  • Increase your knowledge around patient care, patient management, physical therapy, nursing, OT, COTA, PT or PTA college program application
  • Take initiative in your current position
  • Help the people currently in your care live their best lives possible!

About the APTA Kansas Chapter

Transforming lives by optimizing movement and health.

APTA Kansas is a member organization representing physical therapists, physical therapy assistants who are licensed to practice in Kansas, and Kansas PT/PTA students. KPTA’s membership consists of approximately 1,000 therapists and therapy students in Kansas.

APTA Kansas is a chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the national professional organization representing more than 100,000 members.

As a non-profit professional organization, we at APTA Kansas:

  • Represent, promote, and advocate for the profession of physical therapy
  • Promote evidence-based practice
  • Assist members in meeting the health and wellness needs of their communities

What will you learn?

The APTA Kansas Restorative Movement Training Manual is your study guide for the certification exam.

This comprehensive 140+ page manual introduces the basic knowledge and skills needed to assist residents and patients to maintain, improve and/or regain their functional independence.

Multiple illustrations, diagrams and photographs take you through the concepts and exercises.

You will learn

  • What a rehabilitation unit is and how it functions
  • The effects of aging, inactivity and disability
  • Communication strategies and tools to enhance performance and patient safety
  • Basic anatomy and how the body moves
  • Medical problems that interfere with functional independence
  • How to help residents in ways that promote independence
  • What to look for when helping someone walk
  • How to help someone perform basic exercise
  • Common equipment used in rehabilitation
  • Basic balance responses and activities to improve balance
  • Ways to interact with residents

How To Get Certified

  1. Purchase the APTA Kansas Restorative Movement Training Manual here.
  2. Study for the certification test. You can learn at your own pace.
  3. Take the Restorative Movement Certification Test here. The test takes approximately 1 hour to complete. You can take the test as many times as you need in order to pass.
  4. Upon passing, you’ll receive a downloadable certificate that you can save and print. Also make sure to add your certification to your resume, professional profiles and nursing school applications!